A lot of people count on you. Now you can

Count On Us.

People with disabilities need homes. Real homes in the community. We make that happen in a way that's good for everyone involved.


Finding a good home in the community is essential for people with I/DD. But we know it's one of the hardest parts of your job as a care provider. We've got a solution - we find and buy homes in safe neighborhoods, renovate and customize them to your specifications so they're accessible, comfortable and move-in ready. In the process, we handle the neighbors and zoning issues and you take advantage of our affordable leasing options, which include best-in-class property management. Nestidd's approach means you can spend less time dealing with real estate and more time caring for those who count on you. You can count on us too, because we believe everyone deserves a home where they can thrive, no matter what their abilities.

For Agencies

New Home

New Home

With Nestidd, your I/DD residential program is a sure bet:

expanding services?

re-allocating residents?

going into new geographies?

Count on us to tailor solutions that meet each situation and deliver results fast – in 30 days or less! More than 80 care providers trust our approach. Ready for the easy way forward with reliable support every step of the way? Welcome aboard!

1. Criteria

Nestidd sources homes that meet your criteria

2. Tour

Tour home options and select your favorite(s)

3. Renovations

If needed, Nestidd can renovate the home to suit your program needs

4. Move-In

All this leads to a simple move-in for the client

For Agencies & Sponsors

Sale / Leaseback

Sale / Leaseback

Is your organization missing out on the untapped value of its real estate? A sale-leaseback could be just what you need to unlock funds and invest them back into the business. Transform idle property into financial assets and grow your business.

1. Sale

Create immediate cash, realize tax benefits, and improve operating capacity by selling your property to Nestidd at full market value

2. Leaseback

Rent the property back from Nestidd for as long as you'd like. No operational or programmatic changes required.

For Agencies

Landlord Transfer

Landlord Transfer

Nestidd is the perfect solution if your landlord wants to move on – we’ll buy their property, keeping you in place as a tenant and allowing you to stay put for as long as you’d like. No need to uproot your consumers or implement operational changes – we’ve got it covered!

1. Lease

We can assume the lease you have in place or start fresh with a new lease

2. Acquisition

We will work with your landlord to make sure the acquisition does not disrupt your ongoing operation

3. Closing

That's it!

For Sponsors

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to acquire an I/DD or Behavioral Health business with real estate as part of the deal? We have extensive experience in complex multi-party M&A transactions and can ensure a smooth, timely and certain closing.

1. Strategy

Determine real estate portfolio strategy

2. Diligence

We can conduct preliminary valuations and handle due diligence on the properties so you can focus on the business

3. Versatility

We are nimble buyers - we know the deal has many pieces and we will be ready to close (in cash) when you are

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Nestidd360° is the facilities management platform built specifically for I/DD residential programs. Use Nestidd360ˇ to coordinate your home managers, DSPs, and vendors with efficiency and oversight.

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